Workconet-connecting best service providers with clients.

Workconet: Connecting Service providers and clients.

This is the only goal…

It is just to solve human problems profitably.

To solve them using digital technologies.


That was the foundation and philosophy of the epic journey.

 We started by looking for such problems.


We continued by coding with a purpose.

 We arrived at the discovery that there is a lack of information in the market.


What a great human problem to leverage on.

 We analyzed and discovered that the solution to this problem will create many benefits.


 The clients don’t have accurate information about quality service providers. The service providers don’t know who the clients are. What a good problem,right! 

We decided to solve this problem through what we come to call workconet. (


 Through this solution we reduce the lack of information between the clients and the service providers.

We create employment for service providers. You earn more as a service provider on the platform.

We make it convenient for clients to hire the best of the service providers.

 The problem is solved and the dream has come to reality.

 Ladies and gentlemen. We hereby launch our digital platform called Workconet. Connecting best service providers to clients in the offline world.

 If you’re a fashion designer, caterer, shoppers, beauty expert, tutors residing in Abuja grab this opportunity.


 Register and be on the workconet platform. You’ll never lack clients again.

Request for your service providers from the platform. You’ll be happy all the days of your life with the experience.


If you are my friend then do me this favour. 

Visit the site and give your feedback.


 Spread the information. Comment what you see below. A product of Codecitty.


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