conetchat is a platform that connect skilled owners and clients.

What is Conetchat? (Connecting Skilled Artisans and clients)

Conetchat is a digital networking platform that connects skilled artisans and clients that need their services. The platform is available globally to connects skilled artisans in any location to the clients that need their services in that location.Conetchat is a product of Codecitty.

It is also a platform that connects skilled service technicians, skilled workers, skilled labour, freelancers, professionals and clients who need specialized services. The skilled artisans or professionals could be any professional such as Electricians, Auto mechanics, Architects, Developers, Computer Engineers, Smart phone Repairers, Chef, Laundry man/woman, Writers etc.

The clients could be any of the following, corporate organizations, individuals, households, outsourcing companies etc. The central goal of Conetchat is to provide a platform to connect clients and skilled people and make it convenient for clients to hire qualified professionals without delay.

How does the Conetchat Platform Work?

The two main purpose of Conetchat is to solve two key problems in the creative, artisan and freelance industries. The purposes are;

  1. Making it very convenient for clients to hire trusted skilled artisans.
  2. Making it a platform that help to reduce unemployment and underemployment in any nation.

So Conetchat works in the following ways;

Step One:

Users sign up or register to have an account with Conetchat. The users will be automatically be verified. He or she will upload his information as provided by the platform.

Step Two:

The users should explore the conetchat platform by logging in in to their account. On the users account, you will see the following features;

  • About:

The users will know from the about feature what the platform stand for.

  • Groups:

The group is the group that users belong to, we have the general groups, the artisans group and the VIP group.

  • Blog:

The blog is a content creation system that artisans can use to blog about their skills. You can market your skill through your blog.

  • Message:

The message feature is for messaging other users privately.

  • Notifications:

The notification feature is to receive information regarding updates about the platform, update about jobs and other updates.

  • Friends:

The friend feature shows all the friend on conetchat that you have.

  • Setting:

The Setting feature will help you to customize your account based on your desired taste.

Step Three:

If you are a client, register or sign up to and properly identified yourself as a client. Then your account will also have the above features. Explore the features and use them to your advantage.

Step Four:

Clients connect with artisans or service providers when they need a job to be done. You can get trusted and verified artisans by joining the VIP group or we can use the ConetWork to connect a skilled and certified professional that will handle your job professionally.

Step Five:

Skilled artisans can showcase their work on the platform through the conetSpace platform. Professionals who showcase their expertise have a high chances of getting jobs than those that do not showcase their skills, work and talents.

Setting feature will help you to customize your account based on your desired taste.

 Who should use Conetchat and why?

Who should use Conetchat? Are you any of the following;

  1. Do you have any skills that people need?
  2. Are you a freelancer of any kind?
  3. Do you want to earn more as a skill owner?
  4. Do you sometimes need the services of certain people? For instance, you need a plumber to fix your bathtub, you need an electrician to fix your electrical problems.
  5. You will surely want to hire trusted and verified professional to handle that job
  6. You are either a professional or a clients on the Conetchat platform. You are either providing your skills or you are hiring a skill owner.

The reasons why you should use the platform are;

1.As a client you can hire a professional to handle your job conveniently and it will be done without delay.

  1. The client will rate the performance of the professionals after every work done.
  2. A professional or a service provider will increase his income by supplying his skills to work for clients.

Sign up to start enjoying the great benefits of this platform. Comment below on what you think about this platform.

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