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Choosing Software Companies in Abuja

What are software companies?

A software company is a company  that develops software such as cloud based solutions and market them to the market target thereby generating money from these operations. The word software is the direct opposite of hardware which means that software are products that are intangible while hardware are products that are tangible in nature.

Examples of software companies are; Microsoft, Codecitty, Google, Amazon while examples of hardware are Apple Inc, Hawlett Packard (HP), Sony, Samsung, Hawei etc

According to Quora a software company is a company that conceive software products, develop software products, market software products and support and maintain these products. This shows the operational functions of a software company.


Codecitty is a Leading Company in Abuja

Codecitty is a leading software company that provides cutting edge software services. The tech services of Codecitty span across the public sector software, corporation’s software, e-commerce software, Super App platforms development, social media  platforms development and digital marketing services. When you make Codecitty your choice we help you to understand the business side of your company by using specialized tools to offer a range of business services. 

In addition, the company has software products that address some specific problems. One of them is a platform called 

Mission statement

We are a tech company that leverage on technology, software, AI and data analytics to solve environmental, societal and business challenges.

Vision statement

We focus to become a leading tech company that code for all round solutions.

Coding for solution
Software Development for businesses

What does best software company do?

Generally , a software company’s main work is  automation and digitization. The solutions to economic problems of a software company is digital products while the solution of a software company to other businesses (B2B) is the automation of their  systems and operations. 

Some examples of the above are Uber, Facebook, Linkedin, Microsoft Office. These are solutions to problems but the solutions are digital products. Uber is a solution to transportation problem, facebook is a solution to socialization, LinkedIn is a solution to connection between organisations and professionals and Microsoft office is a solution to workplace tools.

software companies’ solutions to other businesses’ need examples include, hotel management system, school management systems, app development, website development and digital marketing.


The services of Codecitty

Codecitty’s services revolve around modern business needs. They include the following;

  1. Website Development
  2. App Development
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Business Development
  5. Animation and Digital Contents.
  6. Co-working Space
Software on smartphone

Why is codecitty a leading software company in Abuja?

Codecitty is a leading company in Abuja due to the corporate structure and its professional operations. The core values are what make the company outstanding. The core values are;

Innovation: The company is always innovating from different ends. Innovation is always new in the company. Innovation in product development or service delivery and innovation in customer relations and staff relations.

Team Work: with this core value, the company has great talent that always help them to achieve great results.

Integrity:As a registered company and licensed in Nigeria, we work with the highest ethical standards. We comply with the regulations in the industry and also work to deliver value that will make the client to be satisfied.

Hard Work : The company works hard to ensure that clients’ deadlines are met. We know how important deadline is to clients, the only way we  can meet it is through hard work.

Result Oriented: Result is our goal but strategic activity is the process. Our great team knows that result is always the target. We work to achieve the expected results of our clients.

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  1. I’d like to work with a team of software developers here in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, I want to inquire if they’re any freelance developers at Codecity for such a hire.

    The reason I want to l work with such a freelancer is to eliminate the distance barrier that’s because I domicile in Uyo and would love to convey my software blueprint effectively, communicate and monitor its development in real physical presence.

    My proposal is a pseudo e-commerce app for the Android platform as an initial test for the market.

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