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Secure Your Website with SSL Certificate -Codecitty, Abuja.

I never told anyone this. You will know that knowledge is powerful when you apply this. 

For you to have an effective digital platform then you must know this.

 Have you ever stayed in a house that has no doors and roof? How do you feel about it? Were you able to sleep well? Probably your answer should be a mixture of yes/no, right.

 Have you ever been to a bank that has no security system-no guards, no security doors, no insurance etc?  Were you bold enough to save your hard-earned money there? I guess the answer to this question is a capital NO, right.

 People save money in the bank they believe their money is secured. People stay in houses that are protected. Think about this! 

There is what we called Security Socket layer (SSL) certificate in software, it is the security of a digital platform. It’s in the form of padlock that is at the top left side of a website. Here are its two functions;

  1. It helps to secure the credit/debit card information of your visitors.No one would see such information.
  2. The platform visitors will have confidence doing transactions on your web platform.

 Here is the problem. Many big brands don’t have fully digital security. What some have are partial security. Some have no SSL certificate.

In order to build a great digital platform, ensure your website has full security.

 At Codecitty, one of our goals is to ensure that our website projects are fully secured(encrypted). To prove my point visit, try to check the padlock there.


We shall make sure your website is secure. Codecitty has a solution to your full digital security. Reach us today.


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