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Mobile Friendly Website Development in Abuja

Your Website is Professional when it is Mobile Friendly

Imagine carrying your laptop with you to everywhere you go. It sounds weird right. Imagine operating your laptop publicly every time just to search for information. This is not only unethical, it also make you prone to insecurity.

But, when it comes to smart phone, since it’s mobile you can operate it anywhere at anytime. This is why the future of your digital marketing will depend on mobile or smart phone because people are also mobile. The question is, when people search for information on your business website, what will be their experience? Imagine visiting a restaurant website with your smart phone to check their menu but the website is not displaying well on your phone. How will you fee and react? This could be boring and disappointing.

Now consider this facts and figures about the mobile phone market in Africa.According to GSMA Intelligence and ZDNet ;

  1. Around a third of mobile users, 250 million have a smartphone by 2017. It’s expected that there will be 690 million active smart phones in Sub-Saharan Africa. That’s a growth of 440 million handsets by 2025.
  2. The number of mobile internet subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa has quadrupled since the start of the decade. For many users it’s the only way they can get online.

These facts and your practical experience with smart phone is the more reason you should pay attention to the smart phone technology.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website.

  1. Easy Navigation for Mobile Visitors.

Nobody wants to waste their time achieving no result. It has been agreed that time is the measurement of life. So a waste of time is a waste of life. So, as potential customers will visit your site using their smart phone, they will like to have clear and simple navigation just as the navigation is on a bigger screen.

The website About, Products, Contact, News etc should display in a simple and clear way to give direction to the visitors. For instance, you run a restaurant business, that means that when people search your website using their phone, they will be happy with the experience.

  1. Increase in Conversion Rate:

Website conversion is simply achieving the goal that you want to achieve when people visit your site. What is your website goal? It may be for them to place a call across to you. It may be for them to make a purchase. It may be for them to subscribe. It may be for them to download something for email exchange.

When your website is mobile friendly, the conversation rate will be high. People will always do what you want them to do because they are not bored with your website.

That means to sell more more then, you need a mobile friendly website.

  1. Access Your Business on-the- go

 The phrase on-the-go means when one is busy or actively doing something. A simple question to ponder on is this; does a busy person visit a website with a laptop? It obviously “no” in most cases. Your laptop may need to be charged, connect to the internet before being set to use it. What! That is time consuming.

But, your phone is handy. With a few taps and within few minutes you can visit a site on your phone to find out what you want. What if your website is not mobile friendly?

  1. Faster Load Speed:

Load speed is the number of seconds your website will take to load on a browser before displaying a page. While this depend on a host of factors, a mobile friendly website will load faster on a smart phone than on desktop. When the load time is high, it is usually annoying to site visitors. As such, they may visit competitor’s business whose site is loading fast.

  1. Google Ranking Factor:

The search engine industry (Google) leader has made a mobile friendly website to be one of the conditions for ranking a website on search engine. If you really want to maximize the digital age then you should not neglect Search. That is the place you can meet your potential customers effectively.

So to rank on Google Search you need to develop your site to be mobile friendly. Your site should display properly on small screen and be easy for visitors to use.

Codecitty is Professional in Mobile Friendly Website Development.  

One of our obvious edge as a software company in Abuja, Nigeria, is that we handle website projects in such a way that we deliver exceptionally. We consider the following while building a mobile friendly site;

  1. Responsive Design:

Designing a website so that it can be displayed on any device such as phones, tablet and i phones without cutting.

  1. Interactive Design:

Designing a site in such a way that it will increase the users experience through our unique animation.

  1. Reactive Design:

Making sure update on your site is automatic.

Contact us today for your mobile friendly website project.

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