How do i use money on Conetchat

How do I make Money on Conetchat?(Artisans and clients)

Conetchat Meaning: Conetchat is a digital networking platform that connects skilled artisans and clients that need their services. The platform is available globally to connects skilled artisans in any location to clients that need their services in that location. Conetchat is a product of Codecitty.

It is also a platform that connects skilled service technicians, skilled workers, skilled labour, freelancers, professionals, skills providers and clients who need specialized services.

The skills you can find on Conetchat are Software Developers, Electricians, Auto Mechanics, Computer Repairer, Architects, Engineers, Plumber, Writers, Designers, Digital Marketers, Chef, Lawyers and so and so on.

These are the two categories of people that will earn on conetchat platform;

  1. Skill Providers
  2. Outsourcing Companies

Skill Providers:

Skill providers make money on Conetchat by supplying their skills to work for clients for a payment. The skill providers or artisans earn by helping clients solve their problems or helping them to do their jobs in a professional manner.

For example, Mr. Trump lives in Texas and he is a client on Conetchat. He needs a chef who will handle his cooking. He searches for a professional chef on conetchat and found Michelle located at Texas. Michelle has a great profile and experience as a professional chef.

Mr. Trump hire Michelle to be his chef. After working for a week, she was paid $1000 and the client rated her with 5 stars for her exceptional performance. This is how to earn money on Conetchat. Provide your skills to solve a problem for a client.

Outsourcing Companies:

This are companies that give work to third parties. They act as a middle men between their clients and the person that really do the jobs.

So, these companies can get great talent at an affordable rate on this platform to handle their project. While the skills providers earn, the outsourcing companies earn more for getting the work done at a reduced rate.

Positioning Yourself to make Money on Conetchat

The best way to enjoy the benefits of a platform is to position yourself. In Conetchat, you can position yourself to make money. Here are ways to do that;

  • Have Skill:

The first thing that you should have is a skill. What skill do you have that people will like to pay for? Are you a plumber, fashion designer, electrician, bricklayer, developer or writer? The first rule is that you must have a skill .

  • Your Portfolios:

Your portfolios are simply your previous works. Your previous works shows that truly you have done works in relation to your skill. Clients tend to believe when they see your previous works.

  • Be Active:

You should be active on conetchat in order to know when you have opportunity to be hired. Blog about your trade or skills, chat with people on the platform and showcase your skills there.

  • Be Professional:

A professional skill provider work in order to satisfy his clients. He does this in order to build his brand in his career. He ensures not to do anything evil or unethical that will destroy his brand.

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