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I never told anyone this. You will know that knowledge is powerful when you apply this.  For you to have an effective digital platform then you must know this.  Have you ever stayed in a house that has no doors and roof? How do you feel about it? Were you able to sleep well? Probably […]

Coding for solution

A Responsive Website Design| Codecitty Abuja

This is the only way to benefit from the digital age. It is to have a digital platform. It is to have a digital platform for your business brand and for your personal brand.  If you don’t do this, see what will happened; The market for whatever you do is now on the internet. How […]

Mobile friendly website

Mobile Friendly Website Development in Abuja

Your Website is Professional when it is Mobile Friendly Imagine carrying your laptop with you to everywhere you go. It sounds weird right. Imagine operating your laptop publicly every time just to search for information. This is not only unethical, it also make you prone to insecurity. But, when it comes to smart phone, since […]

Features of a Professional website

Codecitty| Website Development in Abuja

Codecitty| Website Development in Abuja. Codecitty Software Hub is a software company located in Jabi, Abuja. The company helps businesses or organizations digitize and automate their operations and marketing. We handle Websites development such as e-commerce sites, organization sites, Apps development (such as Uber App, Fintech App etc.) and provide digital marketing services. The company […]